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Understanding, Enhancing and Invigorating 

At Language Institute of Bangalore, we believe that tutoring is more than just helping students receive a passing grade on a test; it’s a way to motivate and prepare students to achieve their academic and professional goals in a competitive world.

We believe that understanding the aptitude of the learner is the key to enhancing inner ability. Evidently, one who showed interest in learning a language is capacitated with interest and inner ability. Our teachers passionately buildup the student-teacher relationship to bring clarity to the topics, find out the weak areas of the students and help in building confidence to the student about his/ her own ability to handle the subject in a better manner. The confidence once brought in the learner definitely invigorate the professional skills. 


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Adult Students

Tuition Centre 

Overcome Learning Challenges


Classes conducted for school curriculum of - Std I to XII of CBSE, ICSE

Pre University I and II, B.A, B.Sc and B.Com (Karnataka State Board)

Competitive Exams of all subjects and Crash Course on all languages is viable


Test Prep

Empowering Students


Practice given from Work Book on regular basis along with teaching lessons with special focus on spellings and grammar. 

Class tests are conducted before exams. 

Students are made to solve Sample Papers well in advance of Board exams.

Test papers of various schools will be provided to the student in order to give the exposure to different kinds of possible challenges.

Reading, writing and oral tests are the parts of regular practice that will go simultaneously with learning the chapters/ topics. 

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